We are at War!!

It is with a heavy heart that JD announces that all resolutions have failed, with grave infractions occurring on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  So after much deliberation, the decision has been made to go to war… on FAT!   Just a few months ago, all was glorious, as JD had lost 22 pounds and stood proudly holding a Mission Accomplished sign, strutting her stuff.  Because of a lack of refrigerator security and a dangerous Open Mouth Policy, half of the adipose tissue that was once lost has now been found.  Dang it!  Dag nabbit!  Son of a Birch!!!  JD has ordered troops from the Veggie and Fresh Fruit (Do Ask Do Tell) units, and they will see to it that this war is won.  Operation Skinny Arse has commenced.  General JD will have many important choices to make in the days and weeks ahead.  Hoo-uhh!!  If you’d like to join this war effort, feel free to grab a celery stick and let JD know how you’re doing.

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  1. Son of a bridge! I’m in – back doing my 3 miles a day, yoga, veggies and protein tomorrow. Glad to have the company, thanx.

  2. General JD, I would join with you, but I have decided to make love – not war. I am welcoming my fat rolls and telling them it is okay to stay forever (as long as they don’t add to their numbers)!!

  3. Are you saying you’ve had an assault ‘from the rear’ or is it an assault ‘of the rear?’
    You should just be thankful you’ve been able to keep your wrinkles at bay. Having them ‘filled out’ is what makes you so darned attractive.

  4. I am with you…or ahead of you actually. My 100teenth diet began on the 28th of December. Determination grips my soul as it has all the times before and I will not, might not, cannot, should not (probably will) fail.

    Inspire me oh ye great JD and all the others who might hitch their wagons to your star.

  5. A news report just in from HFLF (Home For Lost Fat) if you have misplaced any of those extra lbs or kgs I have good news for you…. I’ve found them and you are most welcome to have them back!!!!!!

  6. Yes! I wish to koin you, my dear. But, there is a pronlem: I CANNOT EXCERSIZE! So, do I eat practocally nothing in order to actualy lose my arse, too?? I’m not sure I can do that, my dear JD.

  7. I haven’t walked since the First of August, last of July. I took my first 1-mile walk a couple of days ago. I’m ramping up for a nice 14 mile walk on a nice warm spring day. I need it, too.

  8. I’m in baby girl.

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