JD versus the Airbag

Today was the big match:  JD versus the Airbag, and the airbag won.  Heading to the dentist at 30-35 mph, JD hit an icy patch and skated into a sturdy concrete bench and an unsuspecting pole.  Both the bench and pole were minding their own business when this occurred, so they are quite annoyed.  The bench is threatening to sue JD for knocking the holy crap out of it and sending it flying back several feet.  The pole gave JD the stink eye and looked very agitated.  JD’s vehicle claims the fault lies entirely with JD.  No one is blaming the ice!  JD is just happy to be all in one piece and pretty much a-okay.  JD’s super model photo shoot for Totally Air Brushed magazine had to be postponed, since JD’s face looks like hamburger.  JD can expect to wake up to a variety of colors on her face and chest.  Black and blue are really in right now!  JD is counting her blessings and very thankful no other cars were involved.

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  1. You are amazing. All of that, and STILL have an incredible sense of humor. You rock, JD — and your face will probably surpass that airbrushed model gig 🙂

  2. So glad that you are o.k. You do look a mess though.

  3. *gasp* Stoopid ice… it oughter knowed better!

  4. What an incredible positive attitude you have. With our prayers and your attitude you’ll heal quickly and come back prettier than ever. Blessings.

  5. Are you quite sure that the icy patch, the bench, the pole and the airbag weren’t all in this together as an insurance scam?

    God bless your little pea pickin’ heart, JD. So happy you are safe.

  6. Jamie Dawn, I have decided that the airbag is a menace to be avoided at all costs! I am so sorry about your accident; next time it is icy – stay home!!

  7. ahhh-JD- So sorry this happened….but, though the air bag hits hard- that windshield would have been harder!

    Take care and get better real soon.


  8. That ice will bite you. I’m thankful your injuries were limited to those abrasions ,contusions and , perhaps, dirty skivvies. You must have another post in you regarding the ED experience …. those visits are always an unwelcome adventure. Take care and be well, JD.

  9. Wow, I am so glad you were not hurt worse, but just the same, that looks really painful. I will pray for your fast recovery to your usually beautiful face (although you are beautiful inside always).

  10. Bless your heart!!!!

  11. Oh Gosh, Jamie, that must have been some ride!
    Scary! 🙂 I hope you have a helper there to help you with things. I always thought it is so cruel to tell some one to “take care” (of themselves).
    No wonder it is against the law (our state at least) to have children in the front seat with the airbags. What happened to you would kill a young one!
    I’m wondering if you saw a doctor? If you did please follow his instructions. If you didn’t please Google your injuries for a home remedy.

  12. Good grief, JD. Thank GOd you’re ok. No more war on benches. If you want to run something over, please choose something softer.

  13. Okay, the good news is that I can tell you’ve lost weight! Happy healing!

  14. Good Heavens! Is that what the Air Bag did??? They are more harmful than not!! You poor dear…! Sorry to read about this, my dear. Anything to get out of going to the dentist, hug?? (lol).

    I sirned up for your email notices but gaven’t gotten any. Should I sign up again?

  15. I SIGNED up again, just now, my dear.

  16. Hey wordpress pinched my comment….
    Glad to hear you are doin’ well JD.

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