Just practicing my new British lingo.  Cheers! Brilliant! Tea and Biscuits. Take the roundabout, third exit.  Fancy a lie in?

And did you know that the Traditional English Breakfast includes baked beans and sauteed mushrooms?  Well now you are in the know.

Our family recently returned from the UK where Taylor’s band was on a summer tour.  It was wonderful for our family to be able to experience this together!  Courtney filmed every show, and she edited a couple of videos for the band.  Our return flight from London was oversold, and the airlines bumped Courtney and I up to Business Class.  OMG!  Real silverware, plates, and glasses… WARM scones and butter!!!  It was divine, and the funny part was that Keith, Taylor, and three other band/crew dudes looked like hammered shite when the flight was over, and Courtney and I were fresh as daisies.  🙂

The band toured Europe earlier this year and did one show in Manchester, England.  This tour was all in the UK, and the band was very well received by the audiences, so they have built a good fan base there.  Here is a video Courtney made of my favorite song on this tour.  It was their most heavy rock song, and Taylor makes full use of his luscious locks.  A bit of the right side of the video is cut off because I couldn’t get it to fit properly on my blog page.  The song is called All I Need, and it says, “All I need is something for shelter.”  We all look for a refuge, a place of shelter in our lives.  Those blessed with an assurance of God’s love and blessed with loving family and friends have found that shelter, but many in this world search frantically for a safe, secure place in life and never find it.

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Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

Our first four nights in the UK were spent in a lovely apartment with high tech everything.  I had to use a manual to learn how to work the stove.  The refrig, dishwasher, and washer/dryer were hidden behind those lovely kitchen cabinets.

The shower was SO high tech, that after experiencing scalding of the flesh and uncontrollable water squirting in all directions all over the bathroom floor, The Reverend got online to look up the shower maker, then he drew a diagram for us to follow to reduce the frustration of showering.  Here is the diagram:

We are currently staying in the worst hotel we have ever endured.  It is over 600 years old and looks as if no renovations have taken place except in the downstairs restaurant and pub.  This is very deceiving.  When one decides to stay here, one knows not the hideousness of the upper floors, and the cost is more than the high tech apartment!  Alas, we had no other choice, other than sleeping in the train station, since the other hotel in town was fully booked.  How I long for the days of manuals and diagrams. Now, we have no in room phones or clocks, the toilets sound like jackhammers (and not just when flushed, but at unexpected times out of the blue as I found out the hard way upon my first sitting), the doorways are so low that The Reverend and Tater Tot’s foreheads have taken a beating, the bath towels are always damp (Do they NOT have an adequate dryer?!) and the worst thing of all is that ALL the floors tilt.  When I say all, I mean ALL.  Taylor put a water bottle against a wall, and the bottle rolled down to the bed.  It’s like staying in some kind of carnival fun house.  If you think I am exaggerating, just look at how much the floor lamp tilts.

If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m not.  We’ve laughed our fool heads off, and all of this is making our trip memorable.  The only thing terribly missing is that we don’t have our Courty Ree with us, since she is at school. I did one touristy thing so far:  I toured St. Alban’s Cathedral. Taylor’s band, *Crown *Jewel *Defense, has kept us busy, and I will write more about *CJD in a later post. For now, I will leave you with an image from the glorious cathedral.

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Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Twas the night before Christmas and Grandad (my dad) had a bit too much vino.  Not way too much, but just enough that his words were getting a bit scrumbly jumbly.  Granny (my mom) was talking about something that made her angry at work.  Granny vowed that some day she was going to reach the end of her frayed and ragged rope and tell some people to shove it up the wazzoo and then give it a hard twist for good measure while flipping birds with both hands on the way out.  You get the picture; my mom was somewhat miffed.  Alarmed,  Grandad jumped into the tense quagmire and said, “No!  Don’t burn any bitches!”   He was completely unaware that he’d said the wrong word which made us all crack up even more.  Grandad of course meant to say “bridges” not “bitches.”

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