Magna Cum Laude and CJD Loud

Taylor’s band will be touring the UK in July.  13 shows in 13 days!  

Courtney graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design on June 4, 2011 with a degree in Film &  Television.  Woo Hoooo!!!

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The Latest Happenings

It’s been a busy time lately for our family.  Taylor’s band posted their first music video.  The band is finishing recording their last songs for their first album. Courtney and I were in Orlando for the first few days of recording then we drove back to Savannah last night. She is working hard to complete her final film project.  Graduation day is June 4th, and our family will be here to celebrate with her!

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Expand Your Vision

Rev. JD here with a motivational message about reaching your dreams and expanding your vision to things greater than yourself. Each person has natural talents just waiting to be honed and used. This does not stop with age, so if you are an old fogey, you are not off the hook. No matter what age you are, you still have dreams and should be setting goals, even if they are small.  But don’t stop there, because the point of our lives should not be self-centered, but expanded outward.

My daughter is doing a film for her senior project, and she could have chosen to do the film on anything.  Because of the life and death of a darling little girl named Bailey, Courtney was inspired to do a documentary film on childhood cancer using a unique idea of giving kids their own cameras to help them tell their own stories.  So much has happened as a result of this project, and just last week, she was asked by Texas Children’s Cancer Center to do the same thing for them after she graduates that she is doing for her senior film.  She is reaching her personal goals of filmmaking, and expanding her vision to things greater than herself.  This is, I believe, the key to true fulfillment in life:  using our God-given talents not only to reach personal goals but to experience the joy of living an expanded life vision.

My son has been strumming a guitar and dreaming of being in a great rock band since he was a little feller.  His dreams are at the start of being fulfilled, and his band had an amazing first tour.  They partnered with a wonderful organization called To Write Love on Her Arms whose goal is to provide hope and help to young people suffering with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. A rep from this non-profit organization flew from New York and toured with the band.  She was able to promote the organization from the band’s merchandise table and spread the word of hope and help.  The band and TWLOHA organization are working to collaborate more in the future and bring  help to thousands of young people.  True personal fulfillment comes from being who God made us to be and then using whatever success we achieve to make a difference in ways that are greater than ourselves.

This principle is true for you, your kids, and your grandkids. You can attend a class to reach a goal, then help someone in that class by offering them a ride or money for a meal.  You can write a letter of encouragement or brighten someone’s day by sending them flowers. You can guide your kids and grandkids to take whatever natural skills they have and urge them to work hard to improve them and set goals for themselves.  Tell them to reach for the stars! Then encourage them to look for ways to turn their lives outward so they don’t become self-absorbed.  I truly believe that when we live this way that we smile, and most importantly God smiles. And everybody said… AMEN!

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Indestructible Croutons

Last night, Courtney was snacking on some croutons whilst she and I chatted by phone.  All of a sudden, she realized they were not ordinary, run of the mill croutons.  No, she was feasting on the most amazing croutons ever made!  Long after you and I have turned to dust, these indestructible croutons will remain.  They are not ordinary croutons.  Five hundred or even one thousand years from now, humans can open a bag of these croutons, made in our present day, and they will find them still crispy and delicious.  If you don’t believe me, check out the expiration date on these extraordinary croutons:

My next post will be from London, England.  We are incredibly blessed to be flying there tomorrow with Taylor’s band and joining them on tour.  Very exciting!

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