I Rest My Case

Need I give any more proof that this 600 year hotel is very much like a carnival fun house?  I give you the hallway:

I cannot stand fully upright in this hallway.  Please don’t tell The Reverend, but that jackhammer toilet I told you about was hammering away yesterday morning whilst I was brushing my teeth.  (No, I wasn’t brushing my teeth in the toilet.  The hammering happens when the sink water runs too or for no reason at all.)  I heard a plop and looked over to see that his hairbrush had taken a swan dive off the shelf and landed in the toilet.  I retrieved it, rinsed it with hot water, and replaced it as if nothing was amiss.  Luckily for him, it was not his toothbrush!  All of my toiletries are kept far away from that beast of a commode!  If you are so inclined, I have uploaded pics to my flickr page of things I’ve found interesting here.  I have yet to add the pics of the interesting road signs which I find delightful.  I’ll add more pics every couple of days or so.  Here’s my flickr link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamiedawn/

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