Just practicing my new British lingo.  Cheers! Brilliant! Tea and Biscuits. Take the roundabout, third exit.  Fancy a lie in?

And did you know that the Traditional English Breakfast includes baked beans and sauteed mushrooms?  Well now you are in the know.

Our family recently returned from the UK where Taylor’s band was on a summer tour.  It was wonderful for our family to be able to experience this together!  Courtney filmed every show, and she edited a couple of videos for the band.  Our return flight from London was oversold, and the airlines bumped Courtney and I up to Business Class.  OMG!  Real silverware, plates, and glasses… WARM scones and butter!!!  It was divine, and the funny part was that Keith, Taylor, and three other band/crew dudes looked like hammered shite when the flight was over, and Courtney and I were fresh as daisies.  🙂

The band toured Europe earlier this year and did one show in Manchester, England.  This tour was all in the UK, and the band was very well received by the audiences, so they have built a good fan base there.  Here is a video Courtney made of my favorite song on this tour.  It was their most heavy rock song, and Taylor makes full use of his luscious locks.  A bit of the right side of the video is cut off because I couldn’t get it to fit properly on my blog page.  The song is called All I Need, and it says, “All I need is something for shelter.”  We all look for a refuge, a place of shelter in our lives.  Those blessed with an assurance of God’s love and blessed with loving family and friends have found that shelter, but many in this world search frantically for a safe, secure place in life and never find it.

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  1. BusinessClass sounds pretty darn nice! Warm scones and butter!! Yum!

    I know this had to be such a thrill for your family and being together with something this exciting going on makes it all that much more.

    I think if I slung my head around like Taylor does I’d get vertigo and then I’d surely have to have a lie in and probably get sick and have to sit in the loo! Looks like he does some mean guitar picking too! Cheers!

  2. Your time ‘across the pond’ sounds super-wonderful! How fantastic that you all got to experience this tour as a famly…!
    I tried to watch the video–but it keeps starting and stopping about every 8 seconds or so….Sooooo…I gave up!
    Your flight sounds like it was perfection for you and Courtney—not so much for ‘the boys’….(lol) Welcome Home, my dear!

  3. How wonderful to be in business class. I’ve done that a couple of times, just because. Glad you are back in the US of A. Best wishes to the band as they continue their journey.

  4. Hi Jamie, good to see a post and some great photos, when are y’all coming down under???

  5. Meant to add that I’ll teach you some of our Aussie language…. some of which can be used in polite company!

  6. What does Taylor have in common with Gordon Brown British Prime Minister, Alice Cooper, Denzel Washington, The Jonas Brothers, Sam Kinnison , Demetri Martin, Daniel Tosh, George Stephanopoulos, Marvin Gaye, and Vincent Van Gogh? All are famous SOP’s. (Sons of Preachers). Too bad none of them are as talented as TAYLOR and none are as good looking.

  7. Might I add a British bit? The word “tidy” has come to mean “oh, that’s really neat!” as in, “How tidy!” or “Oh, that’s tidy!”

    I’d wondered where your blog disappeared to!! Good to see your musings again!


  8. You’ve probably run out of Hob Nob biscuits by now. Karen was here with KP this weekend and brought us a new supply. Our Krogers stocks them @ $4.89 a package. They are regualarly 99P a package in London. Her suitcase returned full of Mac ‘n Cheese.

    This comment is really a heads up. DOUG ( is now a daddy of a baby girl!

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